Managed Services

S&M Infosoft presents versatile Information Technology support, where we provide continuous monitoring, management, and crisis handling for IT systems. We recognize that your IT systems are the moral fiber of your business, that’s why we don’t wait for something to break before taking action. Just like a dependable mechanic or caretaker, we proactively keep up and develop your system.

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Our dedicated tram delivers totally Managed Services that keep your system working at peak routine. You get a single point of responsibility that helps you advance service performance and decrease failures and downtime. With reliable performance, you also get predictable expenses.

Our engineers can provide extensive range of services which can be custom made to fit your wants and resources from servers, storage and security, to infrastructure, connections and computers. Additionally we also support users and team up with vendors on your behalf.

With our Managed Services you will get:

365 days round the clock monitoring with Expertise Maintenance, Updates & Patching, defense & fault alerts,

Solo point of contact dealing with ISP and print supervision, procurement, coordinate with vendors,

Fixed monthly budget helps with a predictable flat fee, Discounted hardware, No hourly rates or call out fees,

Unlimited Support deals with On Call, on-site and Remote support provisions.

The various Benefits of Managed Services:

A well-managed network always runs better than a ignored one. Having our Managed Services, you’ll prevent problems other than fixing them. The benefits of proactive supervision include:

Reduction in operating Costs

Increase in Efficiency

Minimization of Downtime

Lucrative Enterprise-Level Support

Fewer time exhausted focusing important resources on technology

Tension Free Operations

Reduction of swarming of staff

Who Needs Managed Services?

Information Technology enabled systems are like cars, general maintenance of car such as engine oil changes, car tire pressure, and engine tune ups are essential to keep them from breaking down. In case of you having trouble keeping up with daily maintenance items such as patches, security, and backups, part or all of your system can fail and cost you precious time and efficiency while you struggle to repair it. If you find yourself in any of the following situations frequently, you will benefit from a more professional approach.

If you are in doubt when your network equipment requires replacement

When Your desktops and servers do not have the latest anti-virus updates

In case the latest security patches have not been installed on your network

If you are not immediately notified if your data back-up fails to run

When some of your internet users are downloading unnecessarily large files or visiting inappropriate sites

When your PCs are running out of memory

If you have multiple numbers to call for technology service.

When you hear about your IT or Computers after something has broken Why do you choose us?

Being our client you will get a proper care from our end and that too administered with exclusive services and experienced team members with multiple incident handling expertise thus resulting into a more proactive management routine which will be active 24/7 in case of support and system care. We also, look forward to upgrade our service quality every year wise so that we can maintain a high standard of serving the customer best management.